Deep Dive Guides

Take Bold Action with Transformation Design Practices

Dive into Action

Work through one of these 18 Transformation Design Deep Dive Guides with a core team to strengthen your district's use of a specific Transformation Design action.

The goal for using the guides is to ensure that your learning transformation creates meaningful changes in both learning experiences and outcomes for students—and that these changes will endure over the long-term.

How They Work

The Transformation Design Deep Dive Guides are an extension of the district self-assessment process. While they may be used independently of a district self-assessment, they are designed to help core teams move from reflection regarding the self-assessment findings to action based on that reflection.

With each guide, a team can work together to develop a strategy for using a specific action in the Transformation Design framework in service of your learning transformation. The guides provide key questions to consider, resources to advance your learning, artifacts from leading districts to inspire you, space to dream and design, and a template to create an action plan.

For guidance on using these tools, we strongly recommend that you review step 6, "Moving from Reflection to Action" in the District Self-Assessment Guide.

Explore Entry Points to Build on Your Strengths

A districtwide learning transformation is a complex and long-term endeavor. Explore some possible entry points to get started. Explore Entry Points